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Our Mission

Provide travelers and hospitality professionals with real-time information from local social media feeds so visitors can thoroughly immerse themselves in local color without hassle.

Your Mission

Learn local.

Go local.

Live local.

 Enjoy your travels.

It's that simple.

Our Misson/Your Mission
Roadeo's inception


We were on vacation, but we couldn't figure out what to do.​  And that's why we're turning social media on its head.  

Because of our schedules, vacations away from home were a cherished rarity for us.  But we finally did it:  we blocked off a long weekend, chose a destination, and even made a reservation for one of our nights in town at a local restaurant that was getting a lot of buzz.

We also built in "spontaneity":  unplanned, unstructured time for us to explore the city.  Find the neighborhood eatery the locals flock to for their daily specials.  Peruse the clothing in the unique boutique known for getting one-of-a-kind designs from regional designers.  Drop in to the local pub to catch a Happy Hour and a set by the singer-songwriter named the city's "rising star."

Unfortunately, local travel guides were no help.  They were full of out-of-date information.  Online review sites were great, but they didn't tell us what was going on tonight.  

The front desk manager at the hotel?  Really helpful... for telling us the places he would want to go and the music he would want to hear.  

So we spent a lot of time--valuable vacation time--searching social media for local businesses and attractions promoting what we were looking for.  And we spent MORE time when we returned home un-friending, un-following and un-subscribing from the various feeds we needed only while we were on our trip.

Why couldn't we use social media like we did back home: to find information about the things we wanted to do quickly and easily?

It's simple:  social media sites are designed to help you keep updated about businesses you already know... but when you're on vacation, you don't know the specific businesses, attractions and venues that interest you.

Roadeo changes all that.  You tell us what you're looking for.  We scan various social media sites and send you the posts relevant to your interests.  

No need to follow, friend or subscribe to feeds.  And no need to go through the headache of un-friending, un-following and un-subscribing from all those feeds when you return so your homepage or inbox don't get jammed with unwanted, unneeded posts.

You get to enjoy every minute of your trip, hassle free all the way. 

Our Team
Jack Tomalis 

Phone: 443-253-1843

As publisher of Where Magazine & Guestbook in Baltimore for ten years, Jack worked in the tourism and hospitality industry with every position at hotels--from general managers to sales teams to front desk staff--to help them best serve their guests.


By working with them, Jack learned how important it is for hospitality professionals — and their guests — to have up-to-date information from local businesses to do their jobs. That insight inspired the development of Roadeo, and it continues to guide his mission to help people "Learn Local and Go Local." 

With 30 years in business, including co-founding three start-ups, Jack has a distinguished record of pioneering new, innovative programs and channels in various industries: publishing, healthcare and hospitality/tourism. 

Chief Barking Officer

By far the cutest member of the Roadeo team, Edgar is a real go-getter. He’ll go get the ball. He’ll go get the Frisbee. He’ll go get that blue plastic thingy that’s got the bumps on it. Whatever you need (and many times, whatever you don’t need), Edgar’s the man... er, dog for the job. 

A passionate traveler, Edgar enjoys nothing more than feeling the wind in his face and his ears flapping as he travels down the road with his head perched out of an open window.

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