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We Get It.


You want an email from Edgar.  He's cute.  He had an email icon, so you understandably thought that by hitting the email icon, you could send Edgar an email, and he'd dutifully return it.

Typically that's true, but there's one major problem with your line of thought: 

Edgar. Is. A. Dog.

Yep, you got it:  Edgar's a dog. And you know how dogs are about returning email. 

We're not saying Edgar's lazy per se, but he does spend a lot of time sleeping on the couch. "Planning" he calls it. (He seems to chase a lot of bunnies while he's "planning", if ya know what we mean.) We just don't want you to get your hopes up... 'cause he's really busy "planning" all the time. A real visionary, he is. 

We hope that by giving you one more photo of our beloved pup, you'll forgive the discourtesy caused by the lack of response. He'll blog on this page in the future, so check back, but for now, he's got a lot of "planning" to do before Roadeo launches.

Edgar appreciates your thoughtfulness, though.  And if you really *need* to reach him, please email Jack instead.  

Edgar annoyed after a "planning" session is interrupted.

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