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Roadeo for Advertisers

The Tourism Marketing Landscape is Changing. 


You don't have the time or the budget to dedicate to go to hotels to "on-board" hotel staffers.  You used to advertise in print media to reach tourist, but that's just not cost effective anymore.  You know travelers are a valuable market, but how do you get them through your door?
Step 1:  Embrace the Audience

Your business is a key part

of the tourism ecosystem


Travelers are not locals.  They spend more.  They shop more.  They dine out in restaurants most every night--frequently, three times a day.  They look for entertainment and events they can't experience back home.  Whether they're business or leisure travelers, they want to live in the moment:  a 2016 study by think with Google found that 85% of travelers decide on activities only AFTER they've arrived at their destination.   

Your business is part of that experience.  Simply being in their destination makes you part of the "local color" they crave.  

Although they're vital sources of information for goings-on back home, social media sites don't help tourists because--while they deciding what they want to do--they have no idea where in their destination they can do it.  

Roadeo helps visitors find "local" when they're traveling

With Roadeo, social media gets turned on its head.  Instead of a user following a specific business or venue, we provide real-time social media posts based on the interest of the traveler.  They're looking for the specials at an Italian restaurant?  Or maybe they're looking for that boutique with one-of-a-kind jewelry?  Perhaps it's a bar with live music?  We scan the top social media sites and send them those posts on-demand. 

You don't have to rely on being lucky enough to have the one post on the one social media site they typically use back home.  We scan and deliver your information to them, when and where they want it.  

Get to Tourists and Hotel Staff
Step 2:  Stay Visible

Influence the Influencers:

Reach out to hotel staff with Roadeo

Send targeted messages like news, invitations, and special offers directly to the people who influence the spending decisions of visitors every day:  hotel guest services staff.

Don't want to cannibalize business from your local audience of customers?  Send offers ONLY for high-spending visitors to them at their hotels.

A live feed of social media posts from advertisers and the hotel's preferred vendors means you don't have to do any additional work to get your message to tourists and hotels. 

Roadeo's advertising platform uses your existing social media marketing to raise awareness.


Getting your social media post to the traveler is only part of the solution.  We also help you keep the key influencers in the tourism industry--hotel staff--updated about your business.  

With Roadeo's "white label" landing page, local hotels can customize the information their staff see.  Roadeo's advertisers optimize their placement in searches done by Guest Service Agents and Concierge.  Plus, your posts will appear in a live feed of social media available on the page.  

This way, when a guest asks a hotel staffer about Italian food, boutiques or live music, they'll have that information right at their fingertips.  

Roadeo helps you target the tourism market with specials.

Plus, advertisers can post specials and offers targeting ONLY travelers on the landing page.  Maybe you run a restaurant and your reservations are looking slow tonight:  post a special for local hotel guests for a complimentary glass of wine.  Your theatre group's performance has a number of empty seats for tonight's show?  Offer visitors half price tickets if they show a hotel room key at the box office.  Need to move inventory at your retail store before a new line comes in?   Our very special out-of-town guests can get 20% off.  

You're not cannibalizing sales from your local regulars, who will come to expect these last-minute deals.  You're gaining a new audience of new customers every two or three nights as new visitors arrive.  

Giving Guest Service staff your information is only part of the equation, though.  To really secure their endorsement, you've got to get them in your door first.  They'll recommend what they've done and liked.  Give them the opportunities to experience your business for themselves.  

To facilitate that, Roadeo provides a special section for offers, invitations and events only for hotel staff.  Restaurant can host a tasting of new menu items.  A bar might invite concierge to a meet-and-greet with a local winemaker.  A boutique could hold a preview of a new designer.  

Complete tourism marketing for the cost of a daily newspaper

Amplifying the reach of your existing social media efforts.  Targeting a vital, but underserved--or maybe even unserved--audience for your business.  Marketing you to key influencers who recommend local businesses to their high-spending guests on a daily basis.  All this, every day, for less than you'd spend on a daily newspaper.  Contact Roadeo today for information.

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